The below mentioned terms and conditions are an integral part of the rental contract.

  1. The user assumes full responsibility for the rented object.
  2. In the case of breakage or theft of the equipment the user will be charged the full market replacement costs weather it be new or used.
  3. In the case of theft the user has to report such to the competent police station.
  4. In the case of partial damage to the equipment, the user will be charged with the repair costs as per the current repair list.
  5. The substitution of the rented object during the time of the contract with equipment to the same value is possible at any time. The substitution is also possible with equipment of categories of different value, the user will be charged the difference in amount in the case of articles from a higher category but will not receive any refund in the case of choosing from lower category.
  6. The rental fee for the rented equipment will be charged up to the day of return, if returned after 9.00 am.
  7. Should the equipment not be returned for any reason then, as per the agreement, on the seventh day from the agreed date of return the user will be reported to the police for theft.
  8. The premature termination of the contract is possible by restitution of the equipment without reimbursement requests by the user.
  9. Reimbursement (only in form of vouchers) will exclusively be made in case of illness or accident on presentation of a doctor’s medical certificate.
  10. For the fitting, repair and adjustment of bindings and for the ski, snowboard and other equipment rental it is necessary to sign a rental agreement for approval of the present regulation which determines exactly the adjustment of the bindings according to the information given by the user and in compliance with the standards indicated by the binding manufacturing company.
  11. The present rental contract is only valid after payment of a deposit of an amount corresponding to the value of the rented equipment and presentation of a valid identification document for the whole duration of the requested rental.
  12. Information on data protection (art. 13 of Italian bye-law 196/2003):
    1. All personal data processed is treated with due care and diligence as required by the provisions of the law n. 975/96 and subsequent changes and additions and used only to supply the services requested.
    2. The data is being processed by means of equipment operating automatically through speciafically appointed personnel.
    3. The data needs to be supplied in order to carry out the contract and the refusal to transmit it makes impossible adherence to the rental activities.
    4. Personal data will not be propagated.
    5. The holder of the right to process personal data is Anita Cristina Costa, manager of Dolomiti adventures Srl
    6. The user has the right at any time as provided for by article 13 of the law 675/96 to withdraw from this service by writing to dolomiti adventures, Str. Meisules, 242, 39048 Selva Gardena or sending an e-mail to
  13. By signing the rental form the client agrees to and accepts in full all rental conditions displayed at our rental centre.
  14. Competent place of jurisdiction is Bolzano.