Rental conditions

General conditions of hire

1 For persons under the age of 18 years to hire a bike it is necessary to be accompanied by an adult who assumes the relevant contractual responsibility. For purposes of the present general conditions of hire the term “User” is applied to the adult User and also to the adult who assumes the responsibility for a person under 18 years of age.

2 The User is required at the moment of collecting the hired items as indicated on the application for hire form his or her own credit card details and a valid document of identification which will be returned at the end of the hire period. From the moment when the hired goods are passed over the User authorises Dolomiti Adventures S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as the “Proprietor”) to debit on the abovementioned credit card any sum corresponding to any damage incurred by Dolomiti Adventures S.r.l. be it in form of general damage, of loss of bike or bikes, or of accessory items hired. In the case of theft or unrepairable damage the amount to be debited on the credit card shall be equivalent to the price as sold to the public of the item or items in question. In the case of repairable damage the amount to be debited on the credit card shall be the cost of repair inclusive of labour cost as indicated on any specific repair costing.

3 In any case where the User provides incorrect details Dolomiti Adventures S.r.l. has the right to issue legal proceedings, including for any circumstance as provided for by art. 494 of the Penal Code.

4 The Proprietor shall verify the condition and the working of the items hired at the moment of return so as to check for any damage caused during the hire period.

5 The Proprietor shall have the right to require the immediate return of any item in instances of improper use of any hired item and the User shall be obliged to comply with any such request. The Proprietor’s right to damages for any damages prior to the return is not waived in any manner by the present provision.

6 Any item or items hired need to be returned before and not later than 17.30 in the case of day hire (in summer bikes, bike accessories and climbingsets). In the case of any delay the User, or the adult having assumed responsibility for a person aged under 18, authorizes, as provided for by point 2 of the present contract, a sum equal to an additional day’s hire.

The equipment rental must be paid on the day of return, if the delivery is made after 10.00, for the winter material (skis, snowboard, helmet and shoes).

7 Any item or items hired are considered as being for the personal use of the User and he or she assumes direct responsibility which cannot be transferred to third persons.

8 Any item or items hired are only considered as returned if handed back directly to Dolomiti Adventures S.r.l. personnel.

9 Any item or items hired need to be used in such a way as to avoid damage to persons or things and such provision extends to the User and the item or items themselves. In the case of hire of a lock the User agrees to use it each and every time that the bicycle is parked and even if such parking is for a short period only.

10 The hired item or items are considered to be under the responsibility of the User for the entire hire period, this also in relation to any damage caused to him or herself, to the items themselves, and to third persons or things in general. The Proprietor shall not be responsible for any fact arising from the use of the hired items. It is also provided that neither the User nor the hired items are covered by any insurance policy.

11 Any damage caused to the hired items is to be borne by the User.  

12 By hiring from Dolomiti Adventures S.r.l. the User accepts the present general contract conditions, as well as the price charges as publically displayed, and the opening and closing times of the establishment.

13 The User in providing personal details for purposes of point 2 above of the general contractual conditions agrees, in pursuit of the legislative decree 196 of 2003, to personal details provided in the application form to be used for statistical purposes and for the sending of promotional and commercial communications made by the Proprietor with regard to products and services.